Turbotax Canada: How to Get Free Tax Services and Advice

Struggling to file your taxes in Canada? Get free guidance and advice with Turbotax! Find out what tax services you can get for free, from expert tax professionals.

Struggling to file your taxes in Canada? Get free tax advice and services with Turbotax! From expert tax professionals, find out what services you can use for free so you can get the help you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

Turbotax Canada
Turbotax Canada

Sign Up for Turbotax Free Edition

Turbotax offers a free edition specifically designed for those who are filing simple tax returns. It’s designed to do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to worry about going through all the paperwork or understanding tax rules and regulations. By signing up for this free edition, you’ll be able to easily file your taxes online with confidence knowing that expert guidance is built right in!

Use Turbotax AnswerXchange for Free Tax Help

With Turbotax’s AnswerXchange feature, you can instantly get your tax refund questions answered for free! The feature is powered by a network of certified public accountants and tax professionals who can provide accurate and detailed answers to your questions. Plus, if you need further help with filing or details about specific deductions, TurboTax’s AnswerXchange has the expertise to guide you in the right direction.

Take Advantage of Free Live Tax Advice from Tax Experts

Turbotax’s AnswerXchange offers tax services and advice that are backed by real tax professionals. You can connect with a CPAs or tax experts through the service to ask any kind of tax-related questions in real-time, and get personalized help specific to your filing needs. This is a great way to get accurate answers to complex questions, as well as save time and money compared to traditional consultation.

GetPrepared, Canada’s Free Online Resource for Taxpayers

GetPrepared is another free resource from Turbotax that can help taxpayers in Canada. This online subscription service provides a wealth of useful tax-related information, including up-to-date insights from tax experts and CPAs on major changes to the Canadian tax laws each year. GetPrepared’s Tax Tool Boxes also provide detailed itemized lists of items you need to gather for your taxes, as well as handy calculators for calculating things like RRSP contributions or deductions.

Research Your Tax Questions with a Tax Professional Search Directory

Find answers to your tax-related questions without having to pick up the phone. Turbotax Canada’s Tax Professional Search Directory is a great resource for finding an expert who can answer your specific question. This directory lists thousands of Canadian tax professionals and their contact information, so you can get free advice from someone who is well versed in the latest taxes laws and regulations in Canada.

Getting Ready to File Your 2022 Tax Return

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recommends Americans get the information they need related to filing federal tax returns in 2022 from the agency’s website. Special steps related to charitable contributions, economic impact payments and advance child tax credit payments are detailed below for your convenience.

Filing federal tax returns in 2022
Filing federal tax returns in 2022

Filing federal tax returns in 2022

What’s Happening in 2022? The IRS suggests taxpayers become informed about topics related to filing tax returns in 2022 as soon as possible. As the year is still 6 days away, most of what you need to know today is covered by information already available on IRS.gov. And, while you can’t (and shouldn’t) start preparing your tax return yet, you can be ready by creating an account on IRS.gov and choosing one of our many free file options for your tax situation for later use this season.

IRS Tax Forms for 2021

The IRS expects to release new tax forms and instructions in December 2021. To help taxpayers become informed about topics related to filing their federal tax returns in 2022, the IRS has published information on its website ). Use the new IRS Tax Topic pages to learn the changes of filing your 2022 tax returns, including steps related to economic impact payments, charitable contributions and advance child tax credit payments.

IRS Top 10 Topics

For the fourth year, the IRS has created a list of 10 topics related to filing your federal tax return in 2022. The topics include clarifying how updated inflation adjustments affect the value of certain tax benefits such as tax credits and filing status. Special procedures for charitable contributions, economic impact payments, and advance child tax credit payments are also included on the list.

IRS Infographic

To help generate awareness of these topics, the IRS has created an infographic that outlines the necessary steps for taxpayers to make to manage their tax paperwork correctly. By spreading this information, the IRS hopes to continue fostering an informed audience about yearly tax filing topics. Taxpayers will also be able to take advantage of newly updated online tools and online services that will ease their incoming tax preparation process. Similarly, software providers have developed new products that can be used by taxpayers.

Main areas to review:

1) Tax payers can tax deductions for charitable contributions even when they don’t itemize their returns.

2) Families need to compare the amount of advanced child tax credits they received to the actual credit they should have received, and make adjustments as needed.

3) Individuals that did not receive a full recovery rebate credit in 2021, will need to file to get the credit.

The Latest H and R Block Giveaway Winner

The most recent winner of the H and R Block Giveaway “Grand in Your Hand” is Bridgette Pattison, and she lives in Lima. During this month, the giveaway is taking place at H&R Block locations all over the country.

Pattison received an additional $1000, and it was all because she filed her taxes with H&R Block. She was very cautious when she got an email telling her to fill out an online form with her social security number. But, she still filled out the form. This form made it simple for customers electronically sign their name and submit an entry for the giveaway. On February 15th, Pattison learned that she was the most recent winner of the H&R Block giveaway.

H and R Block Giveaway

Pattison has two children,and she has lived in Lima for three years. She is excited that she is the latest contest winner. She plans to use the money to visit relatives in Kansas. She has been an H&R customer since the age of 18. Kim Milliman was the H&R representative who repaired her tax form at the Avon location. Milliman was glad that one of her customers was the latest H&R Block giveaway winner.

Everyone at the Avon location celebrated the win, and this included the location’s owner, Dawn Every. The staff presented the check to Pattison and served cake as a way to celebrate. Amazingly, Pattison is one of three winners that have won at the Avon location. The staff learned on Monday that the location had yet a third winner in the H and R Block Giveaway. However, no one knows the name of this winner.

Money Saving Tips for College Students

2016 is here and given that most people have big goals planned for this year; they are putting some effort to ensure success. Individuals are taking time to look for ways of increasing their income and reducing their family expenses and Turbo Tax 2015. Everyone would love to have a little bit more finances going into their budget. This article looks at some Money Saving Tips for College Students.


One tip involves having a flexible spending plan, double-checking health insurance and retirement benefits. 2016 is a great year for an individual to capitalize on every opportunity in order to lower their TurboTax 2015 obligations and expenses together with increasing retirement contributions. A person can find a health plan that is more affordable and better fits their family’s needs. Additionally, he or she can make more money doing what they love. This can be done by checking with friends, neighbors and family to see if one can help with some work for an extra dollar.

Money Saving Tips for College Students
Photo by Joe The Goat Farmer

Selling unwanted stuff is another great idea. As people spruce up their homes, they de-clutter and get rid of stuff they have not touched in years or hardly use. It is surprising how things can pile up. Through selling some items, a person not only makes some money but also creates room in the house. Hope you liked these Money Saving Tips for College Students.

Tax Credits And Deductions For Your Tax Return

Unfortunately, filing taxes could prove more difficult for taxpayers this tax year. Individuals have to worry about the requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And Taxpayers will receive less support from the IRS thanks to scaled back support by phone. Plus, the deadline is fast approaching at the moment. But don’t get too nervous discovering your Tax Credits And Deductions.


One thing to keep in mind is that sales tax is deductible in many cases, which is useful for residents of certain states. When a state doesn’t have an income tax, such a deduction can prove useful. Likewise, the same applies to states with lower income taxes. Congress thankfully extended this sales tax deduction in time for it to apply to a taxpayer’s 2014 tax return.

Insurance premiums from a mortgage are deductible for most Americans. For this deduction, taxpayers must meet two requirements. They must have taken the loan out since 2006, and they cannot earn more than $109,000 gross annually.

Tax Credits And Deductions
Tax Credits And Deductions

Anyone that’s 70.5 years-old or older can transfer up to $1000,00 from an IRA to a charity. In doing so, seniors get a major tax break. Taxes on Social Security are lowered. Seniors will even help themselves avoid the high-income surcharge through Medicare. If you have the extra to donate, you can get big help at this time from the IRS.

An extra 3.8% surcharge is placed on investments for high earners, and taxpayers should keep that in mind.

Of course, these tax credits and deductions apply only to a 2014 tax return. Congress never made these deductions permanent, which means they require approval each year. The political landscape is always changing, so renewal is not guaranteed. See if you can take advantage while they are on the books.

Using TurboTax vs H&R Block

The well-known tax preparer H&R Block is offering free tax preparation to specific users of TurboTax for the 2014-2015 tax preparation year. This takes teh TurboTax vs H&R Block fued to the next level. The company is taking advantage of the price hike on TurboTax.com for users who would normally use the site to prepare and submit their taxes on their own. These kinds of fights between major companies are often advantageous for customers because they result in freebies.


H&R Block is currently spreading the word online that the company will be giving a free software package of TurboTax Deluxe to customers who have already bought TurboTax Basic or TurboTax Deluxe for 2014. Free software that’s already been purchased seems counter-intuitive, but consumers have voiced their dissatisfaction that the online TurboTax Deluxe version is now missing features they’ve grown used to having for tax preparation assistance. The removal of these features has resulted in a number of negative reviews of TurboTax posted on Amazon.com. Accessing missing C and D forms now requires the purchase of and even more expensive version of the software. This lack of access is a definite problem for individuals who need to report income from small businesses. H&R Block offers a version without the missing tools, and it’s available for anyone who sends an email to [email protected] They need to include their contact information as well as a scan of their receipt proving they’ve purchased TurboTax Deluxe or Basic. Interested customers also need to include whether they have a Mac or Windows operating system on the computer they’ll be using for their 2015 tax preparation and submission to the IRS. Further details are available through various media outlets, though the information has been left off H&R Block’s official website so far.

TurboTax vs H&R Block
H & R Block is located at the base exchange on Barksdale Air Force Base, La. Airmen may use this service to have their taxes prepared before they are due to the Internal Revenue Service by April 15. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Alexandra M. Boutte) (RELEASED)

The offering from H&R Block is cost-effective for customers because they each receive a $55 value on the deluxe version software, particularly if they paid the initial $20 for the basic version. Many tax preparation customers consider use of use more important than the overall cost. Since the average tax refund is around $3,000 for many people, the initial cost of the preparation software is less important. Itemizing deductions will often allow individuals to write off the expense of the tax preparation itself. One of the additional goals of H&R Block is to build brand loyalty among former TurboTax users. Nearly every past DIY tax preparer has some difficulty switching to a completely unfamiliar software package for submitting their tax returns.

Hopefully his discussion has help your make a decision on your next tax software package and you can take advantage of discounts based on the TurboTax vs H&R Block feud.

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