Canadians Can Chat With TurboTax Expert Review

Intuit Canada is offering free online or over the phone chatting with Tax Experts in Canada similar to what has been available in the USA for years. During the tax season, these TurboTax experts from Canada are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your tax questions. Here is our TurboTax Expert Review and how you can use this great service.


Beginning in February, Canadians can call or chat online with TurboTax tax experts. If you have questions about claiming business property deductions or medical expenses for small business employees, calling TurboTax Canada is a great idea at the right price, free. You don’t need an appointment just jump online, wait a little bit, and get answers to your tax preparation questions.

TurboTax Expert Review
TurboTax Expert Review

Like many in America, we in Canada want the largest possible tax refund at filing time each and every year. Get professional advice and using great software helps to ensure you get every deduction on your return before you file. Once an additional fee, expert support is now available to anyone that has purchased the popular tax preparation software for free. The service starts when tax season begins and does not end until the tax deadline has pasted, so you have plenty of time to make your call and get your questions answered.

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